Our Values

We believe our values represent the key ingredients of any successful business that is both fulfilling and rewarding for all stakeholders. We are driven by and committed to following our core values every day


Our Vision

Connected buildings and transport systems that are smart and sustainable

Our Purpose

The Smart Electrification of
New Zealand

Our Mission

To enhance electrical systems daily with technology

Our People

We encourage the Freedom to achieve

Singer people are expected and encouraged to do what it takes to achieve successful outcomes for our customers. To do this they are free to develop new solutions and empowered to give the customer what they need.

We share our

Our people are encouraged to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before, to both learn from and grow from hard-earned experience and wisdom.

We celebrate

We value success and encourage and recognise our people’s achievements.

Our Customers

We are there when
you need us

We support each other and are driven to ensure that we are available when required by our customers.

We listen to

We communicate from a position of enquiry to ensure that we accurately understand our customers to ensure that we offer the best fit for purpose solution.

Our Actions

We say what
we mean

We believe that straight-talking is the only way to communicate.

We do what
we say

If we are not dependable or trusted how can we have meaningful lasting relationships with our customers.

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