Singer Electric offer total EV charging solutions for Public Sector applications

Singer Electric offers a total EV charging solution from compact, high-quality AC wall boxes, reliable DC fast-charging stations with robust connectivity, to innovative on-demand electric bus charging systems, we deploy infrastructure that meets the needs of the next generation of smarter mobility. Our connected chargers enable fast NZ wide service and pro-active maintenance. Singer Electric has years of experience in creating, installing and maintaining charging infrastructure, including several nationwide charger networks.

E-Mobility Solutions


Delivering sustainable, clean mobility is foundational to improving the quality of life for citizens of the smart city. Emission-free public transportation, such as electric buses, improves local air quality and reduces noise pollution. However, the project can come with challenges, especially in choosing the right infrastructure to support the operational needs of the fleet. Singer Electric can help to address these challenges with smart technologies that can be quickly deployed while reducing operational costs versus traditional bus systems.

Crown Fleet

In addition to meeting the NZ Government Emissions targets, migrating to an electrical vehicle fleet has the opportunity to generate significant operational savings with the elimination of fuel costs and reduced vehicle maintenance costs. However, choosing the right charging solution is important when efficiency and productivity are critical to operations. Singer Electric EV chargers offer 99% uptime and through intelligent asset management, will help to reduce energy costs and optimize fleet operations.

Fast Charging road-side stations

With an increasing number of high-powered electric cars and trucks entering the market, building a new charging station can require changes in the existing electrical infrastructure, such as a new MV connection to the grid. Singer Electric offers solutions that can reduce and potentially eliminate the need for significant major utility changes through the integration of energy storage and renewables, coupled with future-proof EV chargers that are ready for the next generation of electric vehicles.

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